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Odeon were a Berlin-based record company. Established around the turn of the twentieth century, they were extremely active on the international market, and by 1905 claimed to offer several thousand titles in Arabic and Turkish.

Cairophon was the Egyptian successor company to Baidaphone, and was part owned by Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab (1901-1991) himself.

Baidaphone was set up by the Lebanese Bayda family, and operated out of Berlin and Beirut. The company’s products were marketed all over the Middle East, from Tunisia to Iran, but could also be ordered by mail from South America.

By 1894, Emile Berliner manufactured what he called ‘gramophone’, a device to play back recordings on discs. This new product was eagerly adopted in Egypt, too: The earliest advertisements for audio recordings on discs date to 1905, but the…

The “Taxiphote” was a mechanical device to display three-dimensional images from glass slides. The original design was patented by French inventor Jules Richard (1848-1930) in 1893. This particular model dates to the early 20th century. The 800+…


Abdallah Schleifer Collection (ID No. SC.2014.02)
Acquired by donation

AUC�s academic program embraced video production with the launch of the Adham Center for Television Journalism in the 1980s by Abdallah Schleifer

al-Muqtaṭaf; [The Digest] was an Arabic journal of popular science. The journal was published monthly from 1876 to 1952 in Beirut and Cairo, with a total of 121 volumes.

In 1912, Najib Hawawini published a series of exercise booklets on various types of Arabic script. The booklets as well as the original printing blocks from which they were produced are presented here. They illustrate the unique complexities of…
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