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Eastman Kodak's 6x6 and 24x36 slide formats were considered the most professional slides for the longetivity and lightfastness of the colours they generated

Astronomy blends into astrology in this anonymous 18th century text from Egypt: The tables contain calendar data for the Hijri and the Coptic calendar, since the latter is of particular importance for agriculture, because of its alignment with the…

Until the mid-19th century, copying drawings was done by skilled draftsmen until the invention of the cyanotype process by Sir John Herschel in 1842. The actual process is similar to developing a photograph: The original drawing was done on tracing…

Photos of Department of Computer Science at AUC, includng students and faculty

Sound archives at the Rare Books and Special Collections Library document the history of AUC and the cultural heritage of Egypt.

University Archives Publications Collection

AUC First President Charles Watson in his office while using dictaphone

Motion picture films came to Egypt as early as 1896 and were being made in the next two decades, and by the 1930s Egypt was the center of a vibrant movie industry. RBSCL�s own holdings include promotional films for the AUC dating back to the 1920…

The Latin alphabet has a relatively limited number of letters compared to Arabic, where connections between letters each require a separate printing matrix. This posed a particular challenge in the design of an Arabic typewriter. In 1899, two…
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