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Astronomy blends into astrology in this anonymous 18th century text from Egypt: The tables contain calendar data for the Hijri and the Coptic calendar, since the latter is of particular importance for agriculture, because of its alignment with the…


The first book published by the Typographia Medicea Orientale (Medici Oriental Press) was the Arabic translation of the Four Gospels. The Rare Books and Special Collections� copy, published in 1591 with Latin text, decorated with 149 wooden-cu…

This map was lithographed by F. Brockhaus in Leipzig, Germany. The text in Arabic reads: "The first map for Egypt governorates was drawn by the French expedition cartographers at the beginning of the 13th century H. (1213-1216 H.), but the hardships…

Photos of Kamal Adham Center for Jounalism Training and Research 1997

AUC First President Charles Watson in his office while using dictaphone

Preparation for Computer Portrait for AUC President Christopher Thoron by a Computer Artist

Computer Portrait for AUC Fifth President Christopher Thoron 1969-1973

Photos of Department of Computer Science at AUC, includng students and faculty

The Voice of America radio network, its Arabic-language bureau in Egypt broadcast interviews with leading cultural figures
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