Dear Visitor, 

For millennia, humans have sought to give permanence to ideas, to communicate them and to transmit them across time and space. This exhibit traces the evolution of technology, from pharaonic inscriptions to digital media, through a selection of extraordinary items in AUC's Library collections. 

This exhibit can be ‘read’ on several different levels:

  • The items on display illustrate how technological innovations have been used to record and transmit various forms of cultural and intellectual expression across time and space.
  • The exhibit highlights local contributions and adaptations of technology, and the local specificity of some inventions.
  • Many of the items on display have been used by scholars--at AUC and beyond--in their research, and their insights are showcased throughout. 
  • The exhibit also reflects AUC’s institutional history: The Library’s collections are the product of decades of dedicated work to assemble, preserve, and create access to a unique set of resources. 

AUC Libraries are about much more than books; they provide access to a fascinating spectrum of materials, and are a rich mine for scholarship on a wide variety of topics.

We trust that this exhibit will pique your curiosity. We hope that it will also inspire you to contribute to the work of preserving our heritage, by conducting research, by adding to our collections, or simply by helping others find us. 


The Exhibition Team