Continuations: Beyond print

“Crescendo” gramophone

This section of the exhibit illustrates the development of technology beyond print. What the items here have in common is that they were used to record different forms of cultural expression: Music, film, and visual arts are preserved in a variety of media.

These technologies were quickly adopted in Egypt, and used to create and promote works of culture: As the example of gramophone records shows, technology enabled the distribution of Egyptian music beyond its borders. In the digital era, AUC in particular played a pioneering role in the adoption of technology, and its use in education.

Another common feature of the items shown here is that the media carriers are often not usable by themselves: They are 'mediated' in the sense that they require a specific piece of equipment to access the content. Preserving these items therfore requires maintaining 'outdated' machines, or the transfer to newer (often digital) formats.

Gramophone records, glass slides, roll film, magnetic tapes, and punch cards are not immediately associated with Library collections, but they form a large, and increasingly important part of the Library's holdings.

These materials are consumables that are not designed to last, and therefore require special care and curatiorial expertise, which are only available within an academic reserach library. The Libraries' role is to ensure that these materials will be preserved for future generations.

Continuations: Beyond print